Goddess of death


A shadowy figure present in every mythological text associated with the lost ancient civilization, she is worshiped as a goddess of death and the afterlife and in all holy texts appears as benevolent, securing the afterlife for her followers and righteously smiting evil. In other texts this benevolence becomes construed and she is depicted as a draconian figure, carrying out vendettas against those who overstep their boundaries in her eyes. She appears to inhabit her plane only, disliking to directly interact with the material world, only when absolutely necessary (such as accepting a soul into her plane).

The Templars have apparently interacted with her, and collected information about her (these texts or copies of them in the queen’s library). One tale even tells of a her scythe which has been lost, a scythe so powerful that it could cull waves of undead and wielded in the hands of a capable agent of Ser-moreld it could be a devastating tool for good, but such a powerful weapon has a mind of its own… Ser-moreld gave the scythe with the agreement that it would be returned to her along with the then Lord Templar’s soul, but the Lord returned empty handed, he could not see the reasoning behind returning the weapon which ended undead nor did he want to believe something gifted from the goddess they chose to place their faith in could possibly bring more harm than good. And so Ser-moreld indeed took his soul, but then banished it from the underworld in rage. And eventually through the generations the scythe came to a weak willed lord, or maybe the importance of being wary of the scythe’s wills was lost to the ages and the last lord doesn’t deserve the reputation of weak willed being attached to him. With this the Templars fell into disarray and the scythe lost.

In these tales her powers appear not to be diminished despite what her image may have told Nereus. It may be that she is simply trying a different approach to humans in order to get her scythe back, since obviously giving them permission to use the powerful tool and return it didn’t work. This also begs the question why does she want the scythe back, is it because she feels guilty for the havoc it is capable of causing? Is she truly indifferent to the suffering of the world?


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