Queen of New Messa, Baroness & Regent of the North




The haughty monarch of the only city to endure in the north, New Messa, she seems to have accomplished this by forming some sort of relationship with a faction known only colloquially as the “Templars.” The exact nature of this relationship and who holds the true power seems to elude the adventurers and they are very wary of this queen and her utopia.

Nereus has given his word that in exchange for help navigating the dangerous Dragon Woods and safe harbor at the city he will provide her with a selection of the magical artifacts and secrets that they uncover. She seems amiable towards Nereus, perhaps delighting in another learned being since usually the only people to venture north are those with nothing to lose. But it’s hard to say whether her smile is only wicked in appearance or nature.

Perun has earned her ire, or so he guesses, since he overstepped the unspoken boundaries that deal with audiences in royal courts. It was not without purpose however, since through this he learned that she claims to have founded the temple that the Templars operate from and that she claims to be one of the last of a race of elves native to the northern coasts along the Dragon Woods. She also implies that she is some sort of savior, having gathered together a flock around the edges of the Dragon Woods.

13th Age Reborn
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